Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Why Would Any Journalist Bother Asking Jared Kushner If Trump Might Postpone The November Election? (Only Congress Can Do That, By The Way.)

Elizabeth Spiers, former editor-in-chief of the New York Observer, which Kushner bought with daddy's money when he was 25 and promptly ran into the ground:
When I knew him, he seemed constitutionally incapable of considering the humanity of other people as a starting point. Relationships were primarily transactional, and this failure of empathy permeated everything he did. He could not register the grief of the people in the room that day [at the Observer] for the same reason that he apparently can't register the grief millions of Americans are experiencing now as their lives are upended by covid-19 and people they love become sick and die.
No wonder Trump loves this smarmy dooshbag. He is Trump's younger twin, a sociopath born into enormous wealth, a failure in everything he does who never suffers the consequences for his colossal ignorance, and parades around like he's more gifted than God.

Kushner is also a first-class criminal who, in a world that was even half-way perfect, would be rotting in jail until the day he died:

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