Monday, May 18, 2020

Monday, May 18: Donald Trump's Alternate Universe — Incoherence, Paranoia, Self-Aggrandizement, Diminishing Mental Stability (Part One)

The "ObamaObamaObamaObamaObamaObamaObamaObamaObamaObamaObamaObamaObamaObama" Edition

"More Than All Countries In The World, Combined"

Misstatements, Verbal Gaffes, And Word Salads. THAT'S The Angle Trump (TRUMP!) Is Attacking Biden From?!!?

"seemingly incomprehensible"

So Trump's press release states Biden's comments are coherent; they only seem to be incomprehensible!

Trump's team cannot do one single thing correctly. Also, Biden's campaign could easily make a five-hour clip of Trump's ongoing dementia. In fact, it would be hard to cut it down to five hours.

The 'Invisible Enemy' Is No Match For Billions In Weapon Sales To Dictatorships

Heather Digby Parton, Salon, May 18, 2020:
Trump's forces have pretty much rendered the Congress impotent, going so far as to argue before the Supreme Court last week that not only should a sitting president be immune from any and all investigation and prosecution, he's also immune from congressional oversight. It's well within the realm of possibility that the right-wing majority on the court will see it their way — at least when it comes to Republican presidents. ...

The sheer magnitude of corruption in the Trump administration has been unprecedented and yet it all seems like a distant memory. One of Trump's great gifts has been to offer up so much carnage, graft, incompetence and scandal that it’s hard to keep track of it all. ...

Trump and his henchmen no longer care about "optics," if they ever did, and now believe there are no legal constraints on their behavior at all. If a government watchdog displeases them, they just fire her and install a loyal minion in her place. ... They know their media friends will cover for them and they feel no fear of Congress or the courts. ...

Trump has demonstrated for all the world to see how easy it is for a corrupt leader with no integrity or honor to use the power of the presidency to dismantle all the levers of accountability, as long as he has enough members of the Senate behind him. A more intelligent and cunning demagogue will be able to use this much more efficiently and ruthlessly than he has done.
Georgia Is Lying About Its Covid-19 Cases (So Is Nebraska, Florida, Texas . . .)

Have You Missed Karl Rove?

Rep. Don Beyer @RepDonBeyer: "I guess Karl Rove missed the dozens of times Trump accused President Obama of an undefined fictional crime last week"

David Freedlander @freedlander: "Over the weekend the president's son accused Joe Biden of being a pedophile"

Jeet Heer @HeerJeet: "Grateful to Karl Rove for providing a useful corrective to the current tendency to whitewash the Bush presidency."

Oliver Willis @owillis: "i think karl rove's just jealous that trump is going to get more americans killed than bush"

Chris Lu @ChrisLu44: "As Karl Rove criticizes Obama's virtual commencement address to HBCUs, let's remember that Trump is forcing 1,000 West Point cadets to return to campus for an in-person graduation that risks their safety - just to stroke his own ego."

More Blatant Racism

There Is No Vaccine For Stupid

Stars! They Are Just Like Us! Their Couches Get Covered In Blood!

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