Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Tuesday, May 19: Donald Trump's Alternate Universe — Incoherence, Paranoia, Self-Aggrandizement, Diminishing Mental Stability

The "All Time Great Acting Ever At Any Position" Edition

Trump Says He Won't Waste His Time Responding To Pelosi . . . Then, Two Hours Later . . .

Trump Defends The Second Amendment: "You'll Have Nobody Guarding Your Potatoes"

The Limited Edition Trump Coloring Book!
900 Sold In Only 5 Minutes!

"We Have Battled The Invisible Enemy. It Is An Invisible Enemy. It's Tough.
But We're Going To Win And We're Going To Win Very Big." (The Daily Circus/ShitShow)

"Many Many Dachzas" & "Vegebles"

And ("MAGA Life Coach"?)

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