Sunday, May 03, 2020

Trump First Promised Zero US Deaths From Coronavirus. Then He Estimated 50,000 Deaths, Before Raising That Number To 60,000, Then 65,000. Then 70,000, And Now 100,000 (While Insisting He's Done A Great Job And Lying About Being Warned Many Times In Late 2019 And Early 2020)

Of course, it's utterly delusional. But even from a practical standpoint, recreating that silly, fake image in real life would involve securing hundreds of thousands of tons of rock to the front of Mount Rushmore since there is no rock outcropping in that spot, waiting to be blasted and carved. (During the actual work, about 450,000 tons of rock were blasted away.)

I have not seen Mount Rushmore in person, but it looks pretty cool from this angle:

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