Saturday, May 02, 2020

One COVID-19 Death In The US Was Reported Every 44 Seconds During April

Heather Digby Parton:
I was watching the BBC a couple of days ago and they interviewed people in different countries about what they are seeing from the US. More than one said we looked like a third world country with long lines for food and bodies piled in freezer trucks.
The main discussion at that link is a Twitter thread from David Wallace Wells's (of New York Magazine) attempts to answer the questions:
Why is it that all efforts to project the future of the pandemic seem unable to see more than a week into the future? Why are they almost unanimous in projecting a precipitous decline that is almost every day contradicted by the number of new deaths?
Jared Kushner described what led to those deaths as "a great success story".

US: 1,160,774 cases and 67,444 deaths.


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