Sunday, May 31, 2020

Trump's Condolence Call To George Floyd's Family: He Didn't Let Floyd's Brother Speak And Was In A Hurry To Hang Up

Donald Trump made a condolence call to the family of George Floyd, who was killed by police last Monday. According to George's brother, Philonise Floyd, the call did not last long because Trump was trying to get off the phone as quickly as possible.
He didn't give me the opportunity to even speak. It was hard. I was trying to talk to him, but he just kept, like, pushing me off, like: "I don't want to hear what you're talking about." I just told him I want justice. I said that I couldn't believe that they committed a modern-day lynching in broad daylight. I can't stand for that. I can't. And it hurt me.
Floyd was interviewed on MSNBC's "Politics Nation".
They all need to be convicted of first-degree murder and given the death penalty. They didn't care about what they wanted to do with my brother. He wasn't a person to them. He was scum, he was nothing [to them]. I can imagine how many people they did like that. ... I just don't understand, man. Why we gotta go through this? Why we gotta have all this pain, man? I love my brother. I'm never going to see him again.
Is there even one person on the planet more unsuited to make a condolence call than Donald Trump? Of course he'll be dismissive and insensitive. The call concerns something other than himself and his tremendous greatness, so he can't even pretend to be mildly interested.

In October 2017, Trump told Myeshia Johnson that her husband (Sergeant La David Johnson) "knew what he was signing up for" after he was killed in action in Niger.

On Sunday, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms suggested Trump should simply shut the fuck up already.
He speaks and he makes it worse. There are times when you should just be quiet and I wish that he would just be quiet. Or if he can't be silent, if there is somebody of good sense and good conscience in the White House, put him in front of a Teleprompter and pray he reads it and at least says the right things, because he is making it worse. ... This is not about using military force. This is about where we are in America. We are beyond a tipping point in this country, and his rhetoric only inflames that, and he should sometimes just stop talking.
[Non-Spoiler Alert: There is no one possessed of either good sense or good conscience in the White House.]

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