Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Nationwide Police Riot - Cops Escalating Violence In Numerous Cities, Gassing & Beating Peaceful Protesters, Driving Cars Into Crowds, Firing Rubber Bullets At People Handing Out Bottles Of Water, And Vandalizing & Looting (A Minneapolis Cop Was Outed As A Window-Smashing, Fire-Setting Provocateur)

Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday evening that the New York police "must be allowed to do their jobs".

Those jobs include driving vehicles into crowds of protesters, clubbing subdued protesters with batons, and shoving men and women to the ground.
Of course, it wasn't only New York. In numerous other cities, police attempted to provoke additional violence (or prevent their unlawful acts from being recorded or reported).

They fired tear gas and flash grenades at peaceful protesters. They shot a woman with rubber bullets as she was handing out bottles of water. They beat, pepper-sprayed, and fired rubber bullets at several clearly-identified journalists. They also arrested members of the media. They bloodied the face of a woman coming out of a grocery store. They beat protesters who were sitting quietly. They trampled an elderly man walking with a cane. They destroyed supplies left for protesters. They fired their guns at people in their own houses. They smashed all the windows of a gay bar ... just for fun, I guess, though I'm sure they enjoyed the other stuff, too.

This is a nationwide police riot, fueled, sanctioned, and cheered by the president himself.
A man seen smashing the windows of an AutoZone and setting fire to a McDonalds has been identified as Jacob Pederson, a Minneapolis cop. His ex-wife outed him!
The history of "agent provocateurs" is as long as the history of protests.

In 2010, during the G20 in Toronto, several police cars were lit on fire. Images of protesters dancing on and around the burning police cars dominated the news for days, removing any and all talk of legitimate protests. Someone figured out that the numbers painted on the side of the squad cars were of vehicles no longer in use. It turned out to be a complete set-up by the cops, who abandoned the old cars, assuming they would be burned.

Police in Quebec eventually admitted in 2007 to having undercover cops at protests when some of them were identified by their special police-issue boots.

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