Friday, May 22, 2020

White House PR Stunt Reveals Trump's Private Bank Account And Routing Numbers

You can't make this shit up.

1. Trump is banking tens of millions of dollars annually (for himself and his family members), breaking myriad federal laws. He has pocketed $150+ million of taxpayer money on his golf trips (since he goes only to his own courses). He's making sure billions of taxpayer dollars get properly directed into the wallets of his business friends. But we're suppose to be wowed that he has tossed some spare change at the HHS, which will probably funnel the coins straight back to him.

2. The check is dated April 21, 2020. But it has not been sent? Most likely, this empty gesture will be like his past promises to donate money to various causes. Trump makes a bombastic announcement of his generosity - and then he doesn't do a damn thing. Donald Trump is a guy who cashed a check for 13 cents. He's not any less cheap now. He's not giving a penny to HHS.

3. I pray someone got that info quickly and is hacking away to get (and share) the personal financial information Trump will do anything to keep secret.

4. Trump refuses to publicly be seen wearing a mask because he doesn't want to give the media the "satisfaction" of seeing him. Which is the mature reason you'd expect from an adult man. (Trump said he wore it out of sight of the press. "I put it on and it was very nice, it looked very nice.") Then TMZ published a photo that foiled Trump's petty plan.

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