Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Wednesday, May 13: Donald Trump's Alternate Universe — Incoherence, Paranoia, Self-Aggrandizement, Diminishing Mental Stability — Population: 1 (Part One)

The "Facing The Darkest Winter In Modern History" Edition

Trump Pushing CDC To Change How Covid-19 Deaths Are Classified, To Lower The "Official" Death Toll

Instead of doing a better job so there are fewer actual deaths, manipulate the official numbers to make yourself appear to have done a better job.

Faux News

Does Trump Really Want To Go There?

Can "Proudly Displaying My Mental Illness" Be Considered A Hobby?

"The Latest Incomprehensible Incarnation Of A Right-Wing Fever Dream ... Some Sort of 'Deep-State' Lollapalooza"

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