Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Trump Is Sending Ventilators To Russia, As Tens Of Thousands Of Americans Need Them To Stay Alive, Because Moscow Is "Having A Hard Time" (Cases: US 644,348; Russia 24,490)

[Note: This is a not an actual photo. Trump would never open a book]

Remember when the US (and Republicans, most of all) saw Russia as the enemy.

Now, with tens of thousands of Americans needing ventilators to keep them alive, the US president is sending those ventilators to Russia because Moscow is "having a hard time". And Republicans are cheering him on.
The US has suffered four thousand more deaths than Russia has cases.

Russia has an average of 1 death per million. The US has 86 deaths per million.

Trump Says Russia Is "Having A Hard Time" With This Virus.

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laura k said...

I agree with the idea here, of course. But we've got to think Russia has many more cases than that. They are not releasing the information. There's zero reason to believe any official information coming out of that country. To know the real numbers, you would need access to non-official sources, such as dissident health care providers.