Saturday, April 18, 2020

Insanity Is Infinite

[Updated with news story]

How is it possible that every single day we hear of something that is something more ignorant, more corrupt, more racist, more stupid, more incoherent, more impossible-to-believe-that's-actually happening? Every single day! Everyone jokes that there is no bottom with Trump and everything associated with him, but there truly appears to be no bottom. We are falling into an endless pit of insanity...

Now, during a worldwide pandemic that has killed more than 30,000 Americans in only one month, we have Trump Zombies toting guns in several states walking around in groups, defying common sense guidelines to stay home (because FREEDUM!) and the president is yelling in solidarity to these idiots in ALL CAPS about the Second Amendment and telling them to LIBERATE! their states while he turns his back on them (and the rest of the country), having given up trying to stop the virus, which shows zero sign of slowing down, and is in fact increasing in these same states with the Zombies, and the broadcasters at one of the country's most popular networks are egging these Zombies on and reporting that the Zombies' swastikas are being waved ironically and meanwhile in the past four weeks 22+ million Americans have lost their jobs and the president delayed the mailing of checks to these suffering Americans because he insisted at the last minute that his name must be printed on the checks, while at the same time he is in court trying to completely abolish the country's healthcare system and also deny food assistance to millions of Americans, while with his other hand is busy handing out multi-million dollar contracts to his rich friends and donors and to companies that don't exist and have no employees to produce equipment those companies didn't produce even when they did exist so who the hell is pocketing that money, and the "other party" is barely making a peep about 97% of this constant flow of shit and an election is looming in which the choices are a senile old right-winger and a more-senile old right-winger and the more-senile old right-winger is making loud noises about refusing to leave office if he loses and his supporters are the aforementioned Zombies who (again) own a lot of guns and are convinced the president is Christ reincarnated and it seems impossible but of course everything is going to get even more insane and unbelievable tomorrow and ...

Rick Wilson, The Daily Beast, April 18, 2020:
Trump Leads Pro-Plague States Of America To A COVID Civil War
He is telling us plainly that he will stoke civil unrest and further harm public health to find a political pathway out of a galactic-scale fuck-up of his own making.

Donald Trump fired the first shots in the COVID Civil War this week, a modern-day Jefferson Davis of the Pro-Plague States of America sending his opening salvo from Fort Twitter at Democratic governors who dared to question if it wasn't just a wee bit early to end the stay-at-home orders in states still far to the left of the peak.

He started the week with claims of "total authority" and then cried about a supposed mutiny by mouthy state leaders. By Friday, he was up to calls to "liberate" states.

Who does he want people to rise up against, exactly: People who don't want to die? People who don't want protesters spreading a deadly disease that's already killed 34,000 Americans? Governors who swore an oath to serve their states and protect their citizens? Science? Medicine?

Whatever the enemy, the Trump horde is lurching toward it with protests "breaking out" in state capitals across the land filled with MAGAmericans clad in their Red Badge of Credulity hats and carrying the banners of Esoteric Trumpism. Events in Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and California have popped up in the last 36 hours, with more on the way. ...

First of all, you should understand that none of this — zero, zip, nada — is organic. None of this is real. Every bit of it is being pushed on Trump's behalf via the twin modalities of our doom: Fox and Facebook.

Just as the Tea Party had a brief, organic origin story but was soon managed, harnessed, controlled and weaponized, so too is today's Trump movement. The crowds showing up for these "liberation rallies" are lowing cattle, led down a chute to be fed or slaughtered, depending on the day. Their ignorance of their own state as philosophical zombies whose lives Trump is literally willing to sacrifice for a tiny bump in the stock market is breathtaking. Dying for a second-order economic effect will show the libs, right? ...


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