Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday, April 17: The Donald Trump Shit Show, Featuring Non-Stop Lies, Magical Thinking, And Childish Insults, Starring The Most Mentally Ill Person In Government

The "Taking Credit For The Passage Of Time" Edition
Memo To The Super-Genius Whose Uncle Taught At MIT: 37,135 is a larger number than 4,632.

Does anyone still think if Trump loses in November, he will calmly leave the White House in an orderly transfer of power in January 2021? He was fully prepared to claim the 2016 election was crooked and fixed, but he ended up winning (much to his surprise and to the shock of everyone around him.) Trump's already got that argument ready to go and he's been laying the groundwork to fire that gun for about a year.

Does anyone think Trump's cult members will understandingly accept the results of a Biden victory and put away their guns and say "Oh well, we'll try again in 2024"?

Stupidity Is A Virus

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