Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Minnesota's Mayo Clinic Gives Mike Pence A Tour, Despite His Refusal To Wear A Mask. Clinic Was Too Scared To Enforce Its Own Rules And Protect Its Patients, Staff, Families

Mike Pence was scheduled to visit the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota on Tuesday afternoon. The clinic told Pence in advance about its rules requiring all visitors to wear a mask. No exceptions.

Pence, who was likely ordered by Donald Trump to not wear a mask, explained his stance later: he wanted to look the patients "in the eye". The clinic caved and allowed Pence to tour the clinic anyway. A tweet was posted by the clinic stating that Pence had been told in advance about the policy. (That tweet was soon deleted.)

The Mayo Clinic's reversal of its no-exceptions policy was a cowardly concession to someone who does not give a shit about the consequences of his behaviour and is part of a group actively working to deliberately disrupt the medical community's heroic efforts. The clinic willingly put its patients at further risk and disrespected its own doctors, nurses, and other professionals, who are risking infection (and possibly death) every single day, because it was afraid to insist that Pence follow the rules like everyone else.

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johngoldfine said...

Hinterland report:

* Hardware store Brooks Maine--everyone wearing a mask, distance tape on floor in front of register.
* Grocery store Brooks Maine, 100yards from the hardware--no one wearing a mask, no one keeping their distance, everyone bumping butts in the narrow aisles.
* Health Center Brooks Maine--you're examined in the parking lot by masked and goggled staff after calling the office and answering a bunch of Covid-19 related questions.