Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunday, April 19: The Donald Trump Shit Show, Featuring Non-Stop Lies, Magical Thinking, And Childish Insults, Starring The Most Mentally Ill Person In Government

Female Reporters Are Nasty Horrid Rude Pathetic People . . . Male Reporters, Too


And Now We Come To The Blaming-Obama-For-His-Own-Failures Part Of Our Program

Trump's Enemies List

You Know That Drug I Name-Dropped 50 Times A Day For A Month As A Both A Cure And Vaccine . . . On Monday, I'll Start Claiming I've Never Heard Of It

A Small Kernel Of Truth Slips Out

There's Something Back Here That You Left Behind, Ohhhh, Time Passages

The Cost of Trusting Trump

Some People Still Carry Water

Some Do Not

It's Safer Than A Drinking Game

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