Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Wednesday, April 15: The Donald Trump Shit Show, Featuring Non-Stop Lies And Childish Insults, Starring The Most Mentally Ill Person In Government

"We don't want to be the suckers anymore."

"The level of IQ on some of those calls was about the highest you've ever seen on a phone call, that I can tell you."

Trump suggests there's merit to a Fox News story about the novel coronavirus originating in a lab in China.

"There is death in having a strongly closed country."

"We have the right to do whatever we want."

There are ventilators that are needed to save lives in the US, but Trump is sending the machines to Russia because "they're having a hard time in Moscow".

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wallythe24 said...

A friend of mine shared this on social media earlier ,
yeah it's been a shitshow here too....