Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Why The US Stimulus Checks May Be Delayed (Please Explain To Your Landlord & The Supermarket)

Seventy million Americans will soon be receiving a one-time "stimulus" payment of $1,200. However, those checks will be delayed because Donald Trump insisted that his name be added to the checks at the last minute.

A president's name has never before appeared on an Internal Revenue Service disbursement, but we're dealing with vain sociopath and malignant narcissist. The words "President Donald J. Trump" will appear in the memo line, below a line that reads: "Economic Impact Payment".

Trump's first idea was to sign the checks, but he was informed (because the very stable genius did not know) that the president is not authorized to sign legal disbursements from the US Treasury. The reason for that is to keep government payments nonpartisan. (Well, so much for that.)

Trump's demand meant computer code had to be written to include his name and then the system had to be re-tested, which created "a downstream snarl that will result in a delay", according to the national president of the IRS's Professional Managers Association.

The Washington Post reported: "Trump has repeatedly called the legislation 'a Trump administration initiative' and placed himself singularly at the center of what the government is doing to help Americans during the coronavirus response — taking full credit."

Finally, something Orange Foolius will take responsibility for.

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Paul Hickman said...

If you worked at the Treasury , you would be sorely tempted to put something underneath Dump's name ....... It would be well worth getting fired for !!!!!