Friday, April 24, 2020

Wolf Blitzer Calls Trump "Chicken" For Not Taking Questions At Briefing: Probably "Afraid" After "Flat Lie" About Injecting Disinfectant

Wolf Blitzer:
All right, well, that's a surprise. After the vice president speaks, after head of the FDA speaks, the president makes brief opening comments. They simply walk out and refuse to answer questions, presumably because the president knew he was about to be bombarded with very serious, important questions about what he said yesterday which turned out to be a flat lie as far as ingesting various products that could kill you potentially. ... This was the first time the president has been afraid to answer questions from reporters. Reporters were all there, they were sitting in the White House briefing room, that's their job to answer serious, important, tough questions. The president was, shall we say, chicken today.
Gloria Borger:
When he did answer a question earlier today and he lied and said he was being sarcastic about what he said about disinfectant in your body and light in your body being able to somehow cure coronavirus. He knew he was going to asked about it again, and he doesn't like being asked tough questions. So what I would raise here, well ... perhaps the coronavirus briefings should be going back to the people who are the scientists and Mike Pence, who runs the coronavirus task force. and who is on the conference calls with the governors, and perhaps that is the way they ought to be rather than have the president at the podium dispensing rumor and false scientific information.
Jim Acosta:
It was very awkward, Wolf. ... [A]nd you're right on the money on this. This a president who is feeling the heat big time after he made that outlandish, ridiculous comment yesterday that people can inject themselves with household disinfectants to cure the coronavirus, and said it was sarcasm. That was obviously a lie. ... The experts on the task force are highly aware of the cameras and they are very concerned about their expressions being picked up. They don't want to be seen disagreeing or perhaps laughing at the president when he makes these sorts of the claims and what you end up with is a lot of the experts the public is relying on, can't really give the American people the truth because they're worried about the president lashing out at them or making a scene that has to be cleaned up later, and may just be better off for everything that the press conference ended so early.

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What is this "lies" about Disinfectant .......

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