Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday, April 18: The Donald Trump Shit Show, Featuring Non-Stop Lies, Magical Thinking, And Childish Insults, Starring The Most Mentally Ill Person In Government

The "I've Saved Billions Of Lives" Weekend Edition

"We've got the best mourners in the world right here. We've been doing tremendous mourning! Nobody's ever seen mourning like this before, maybe ever! It's more mourning than anyone ever thought possible. We've been mourning so much, we might be getting tired of mourning. I don't know. But that's okay. Tremendous mourning. Obama never inspired this much mourning. You've read about the not so good things that happened back in 1917 - that's more than 100 years ago - a long time, really - when the great-grandfather of the Invisible Enemy came out of nowhere. It struck hard. It struck very hard, really. People were struck hard. But they didn't mourn like this in 1917, believe me."


"Thanks, Obama!"
Since Trump is a logical thinker, I know he will understand when he is blamed for everything about a virus that will exist only after 2027.

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