Tuesday, April 14, 2020

New York Times Continues Its Distortion Of Trump's Infantile Tantrums, Describing Monday's Unhinged Behaviour and Belittling Insults As Merely "An Aggressive Defense"

It doesn't come within 3,000 miles.

Watch the dozens of Trump press briefing videos in the tweets I have posted over the past few weeks – or look only at the ones in my previous post.

"An aggressive defense"? He threw several unhinged and childish tantrums, full of misogyny and aggression. He is a mentally-unstable, narcissistic megalomaniac who cannot distinguish reality from fantasy. He is delusional. He believes he is the Supreme King of the United States.

If one of us acted in a similar manner at work and said the same things to our colleagues, we'd be immediately fired and sent for psychiatric evaluation.

Through this entire crisis – indeed, though Trump's entire presidency – the New York Times has normalized every aspect of his decidedly not-normal behaviour. Donald Trump has acted in ways towards the press that no American president has ever acted – hostile, belittling, vindictive, libelous, and infantile and one of the most influential newspapers in the world has consistently downplayed and distorted Trump's antics, reporting them to its readers as the time-honoured give-and-take between a president and the media.

One of the propaganda videos Trump played today for the media was simply an attempt to rewrite history. Trump admitted the White House created it, so it was paid for with taxpayer dollars.

Author Don Winslow:

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