Thursday, April 30, 2020

Thursday, April 30: Donald Trump's Alternate Universe — Incoherence, Paranoia, Self-Aggrandizement, Diminishing Mental Stability — Population: 1

The "Are You Tired Of Winning Yet?" Edition

Last Night: Just Gotta Tweet A Few Thoughts From My Sharp, Logical, Dementia-Free, Big A-Brain Before Bed

Does The Very Stable Genius Understand This Tweet Direct Contradicts Everything He's Been Saying For Weeks?

Up And At 'Em!

In the hour between 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM, Trump posted 39 times (5 tweets and 34 retweets).

In the last 13 minutes of the hour, he retweeted 17 times.

At 7:32, he retweeted three of his own tweets in a span of only 16 seconds.

Are You Ready For Star Time?

Act Two

It's Always All About Him


The Leader Of The US Coronavirus Task Force Did Not Know He Should Wear A Mask During A Hospital Visit During A Pandemic (Yup, That's The Revised Lie He's Going With (And He Sent His Wife Out To Say It))

This Is Reality Under Trump Rule: States, Having Been Abandoned By The Federal Government During A Worldwide Pandemic, Are Forced To Have Military Personnel Guard Essential And Life-Saving Medical Supplies In Hidden Locations Because They Fear (Justifiably) That Trump's Goons Will Steal Them

Note: Black Americans Have Been Murdered By Police While Carrying Toy Guns

Happy Anniversary!

Is It February Again?

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