Sunday, January 17, 2021

Since The Election, Trump's Approval Numbers Among Republicans Have Barely Changed

Brian Williams:
That would be Mike Lindell, the conspiracy theorist who makes pillows filled with chopped-up foam. His commercials air on Fox News every few minutes. That qualifies him for statesman status in the Trump White House. He met with the president in the Oval Office today, just as so many foam pillow manufacturers have done, going back to the time of Lincoln. Lindell inadvertently shared his homework with us. As you saw earlier in the broadcast, his thoughts on martial law, on who should run the CIA for the next six days, were clearly visible in still photos. Four years of this and the Trump crowd has never learned the lesson of modern digital photography: We can see you!

Those Numbers Are High Because Of This

Don't Get Your Hopes Up

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laura k said...

I was amazed that only 10 Republicans voted to impeach.