Sunday, January 31, 2021

Rudy Claims The Lincoln Project "Planned" The Capitol Attacks To Hurt Trump;
The Project's Letter In Response Is Hilarious And A Goddamn Work Of Art

Rudy Giuliani, who constant lies and idiocy has burned his chances of being a guest on numerous networks ("All the media!"), including Fox (though that's because he didn't lie enough), found that Steve Bannon's online program was one of the only places left on earth who will listen to him. 

On January 29, Rudy told Bannon's audience that The Lincoln Project was responsible for the domestic terrorist attack on the US Capitol. Even Bannon, a certifiable nutjob, didn't buy Rudy's deranged fantasy. 

The Lincoln Project also did not take kindly to this "textbook act of defamation" and fired off a three-page letter, stating that Giuliani has until this Wednesday, February 3, to fully retract his statement and publicly apologize. "Refuse at your peril."

(Giuliani is already being sued for $1.3 billion by Dominion Voting Systems for his false claims about them.)

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Paul Hickman said...

It's a Cracking Letter - mind you, their Lawsuit would pale in comparison with Dominion !

Hopefully Rudy will join the Big Orange Baby in a Big Orange Jumpsuit ...... we can only hope.