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It Will Be Revealed That Seditious Republicans In Congress Helped Terrorists Case The Capitol On The Day Before The Attack, According Reps. Sean Maloney And Tim Ryan

More than 30 Democrats have requested an immediate investigation into why groups of people involved in the terrorist attack on the Capitol were given a tour of the building by Republican lawmakers on the day before the attack. (Public tours of the Capitol were suspended 10 months ago because of the pandemic.)

Several lawmakers believe the terrorist attack, which left five people dead (not including a police officer who worked that day and committed suicide three days later), was an inside job.

The letter states that some of the signees are military veterans "trained to recognize suspicious activity". They witnessed "an extremely high number of outside groups" on January 5 and want to know if logbooks include the names of visitors and if security footage exists.

Rep. Mikie Sherrill, D-N.J., stated this week that she saw some of her colleagues (currently unnamed, but presumably Republicans) leading what she termed "reconnaissance" tours, which were "a noticeable and concerning departure from the procedures in place" for the last 10 months, since March 2020. Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, added that "a couple" of his colleagues fit Sherrill's description and that the tours consisted of numerous people, not "one-on-one" or "small family" groups.

Sarah Groh, chief of staff to Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., revealed that all of the panic buttons that had been installed in Pressley's office had been ripped out of the wall shortly before the attack. The security devices were necessary because Pressley, one of four Democratic congresswomen known as "the Squad," has received numerous death threats.

Two Democrats stated without equivocation that they believe the terrorists had assistance from sympathetic lawmakers in the Capitol. Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., told radio host Rashad Richey he believed the attack was an "inside job". James Clyburn, D-S.C., told CBS he was certain that "somebody on the inside" had helped the insurrectionists.
They knew where to go. I've been told . . . by some other congresspeople that their staff are saying that they saw people being allowed into the building through side doors. Who opened those side doors for these protesters, or I call them these mobsters, to come into the building, not through the main entrance where magnetometers are, but through side doors. Yes, somebody on the inside of those buildings were complicit in this.
Clyburn pointed out that the office marked with his name was left alone, but several rioters were banging on the unmarked door to the office where Clyburn does most of his work. He stated that some Capitol police officers were "not just derelict. You could say they were complicit."

Salon asked one senior Senate aide how the terrorists knew where the electoral votes were being stored ("an obscure space deep in the building"). The aide said it was a "fascinating question. Honestly, I don't know. They somehow got into every nook and cranny." (Two quick-thinking lawmakers grabbed the votes before going into hiding.)

A majority of Republicans supported a seditious attempt to overturn the election, despite no evidence of any sort of fraud, and several have been linked with the violent insurrection. Ali Alexander, chief organizer of "Stop the Steal", publicly thanked Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Arizona, Andy Biggs, R-Arizona, and Mo Brooks, R-Alabama, for helping him plan the rally. Gosar has been connected with Alexander and Stop the Steal since at least late November 2020. Both Alexander and Alex Jones have claimed the Secret Service assisted them in getting away from the rally.

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colorado, has promoted the nuttiest QAnon conspiracy theories. During the attack, she also tweeted (specifically) about the location of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and later in the day was adamant about bring her gun inside to the continuation of the impeachment hearings.

Even after the armed insurrection, 147 Republicans voted to overturn the election results.

January 13, 2021

The Honorable Timothy Blodgett
Acting House Sergeant at Arms
Room H-124 U.S. Capitol
Washington, DC 20510

The Honorable Jennifer A. Hemmingway
Acting Senate Sergeant at Arms
Room S-151 U.S. Capitol
Washington, DC 20510

Yogananda Pittman
Acting Chief
United States Capitol Police
119 D Street, NE
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Mr. Blodgett, Ms. Hemmingway, and Acting Chief Pittman:

We write today to request an immediate investigation into the suspicious behavior and access given to visitors to the Capitol Complex on Tuesday, January 5, 2021 - the day before the attacks on the Capitol.

Many of the Members who signed this letter, including those of us who have served in the military and are trained to recognize suspicious activity, as well as various members of our staff, witnessed an extremely high number of outside groups in the complex on Tuesday, January 5. This is unusual for several reasons, including the fact that access to the Capitol Complex has been restricted since public tours ended in March of last year due to the pandemic.

The tours being conducted on Tuesday, January 5, were a noticeable and concerning departure from the procedures in place as of March 2020 that limited the number of visitors to the Capitol. These tours were so concerning that they were reported to the Sergeant at Arms on January 5.

The visitors encountered by some of the Members of Congress on this letter appeared to be associated with the rally at the White House the following day. That group left the White House and marched to the Capitol with the objective of preventing Congress from certifying our election. Members of the group that attacked the Capitol seemed to have an unusually detailed knowledge of the layout of the Capitol Complex. The presence of these groups within the Capitol Complex was indeed suspicious. Given the events of January 6, the ties between these groups inside the Capitol Complex and the attacks on the Capitol need to be investigated.

It is important that we feel safe in the halls of Congress, and we applaud the Sergeant at Arms (SAA) and US Capitol Police (USCP) for their efforts. But the fact remains that there were unusually large groups of people throughout the Capitol who could only have gained access to the Capitol Complex from a Member of Congress or a member of their staff.

To that end, please provide answers to the following questions:

1) Are logbooks of Capitol Complex visitors inspected regularly and collected in any type of database?
a) Do additional law enforcement agencies have access to that database?

b) Does SAA/USCP track visitors by Member?

c) Does SAA/USCP ask for ID from visitors?

d) If yes, will SAA/USCP provide the information, including names of Members or staff who were part of these tours?
2) Does SAA/USCP enforce Members signing in guests?
a) Does SAA/USCP have logs of which Members signed guests in on 1/5/21?

b) If yes, will SAA/USCP provide the information, including names of Members or staff who were part of these tours?
3) Have any additional law enforcement agencies requested access to these logs?

4) What would prevent the SAA/USCP from permitting a visitor from entering the building?

5) What tracking does the SAA/USCP employ to ensure that one staffer did not bring more than their allotted “official visitors” through multiple entrances?

6) Are there video logs of the day in question?
a) If Yes, will SAA/USCP provide the video logs?
7) Is facial recognition software used for visitors entering the complex?
a) If Yes, will SAA/USCP provide the facial recognition results?
8) Are any of the individuals recorded in the Capitol complex on January 5 being investigated for their role in the insurrection the following day?

We appreciate your immediate attention to this matter.


Mikie Sherrill
Katherine Clark
Frank Pallone, Jr.
Daniel T. Kildee
Abigail D. Spanberger
Grace Meng
Tom Malinowski
Pramila Jayapal
Jahana Hayes
Veronica Escobar
Ted W. Lieu
Ann McLane Kuster
Michael F. Doyle, Jr.
Mary Gay Scanlon
Dean Phillips
Jared Huffman
Donald M. Payne, Jr.
Sara Jacobs
Elaine G. Luria
Mike Levin
Norma J. Torres
Susan Wild
Suzanne Bonamici
Jackie Speier
Lizzie Fletcher
Kathleen M. Rice
Nikema Williams
André Carson
Bill Pascrell, Jr.
Marie Newman
Albio Sires
Marilyn Strickland
Josh Gottheimer
Lisa Blunt Rochester
(Members of Congress)

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One of The Terrorists' Tour Guides (She Strongly Denies It)

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