Saturday, January 09, 2021

Let's Check In On The President Of The United States . . .
He's Still Ignoring A Pandemic He Deliberately Allowed To Kill 400,000 People (In Only 10 Months)
He Committed Sedition By Instigating An Armed, Violent Insurrection On The Capitol
He's Consumed With Rage And "Out Of His Mind" (According To A Long-Time Friend)
He's Facing The Prospect Of Being The Only President Impeached Twice (Almost In The Same Year!)
He's Working Harder At Trying To Get Back On Twitter Than He Has At Any Point The Last Four Years

The world continues to celebrate Twitter's permanent banishment of Donald Trump.

In dumping Trump, Twitter also stated it was on alert if Senor Sedition tried evading his ban by using government accounts.

That was a wise decision. Trump used the official government account @POTUS "to rant about the social media giant supposedly being in cahoots with the 'radical left' to silence him and the 'patriots' who support him", as The Daily Beast reported. The tweets were deleted almost immediately.

Trump also announced he would have "a big announcement soon" because he's looking "at the possibilities of building out our own [social media] platform in the near future". I think that announcement will be in "two weeks" or right after "Infrastructure Week".

In one blink-and-you-missed-it tweet, Trump whined: "We will not be SILENCED! Twitter is not about FREE SPEECH." Trump was then immediately silenced. 

But he was right. Twitter is not about free speech. Twitter is a private business, with a policy by which users must abide. If someone violates the rules, he can't use the service. Simple. No shirt, no shoes, no service.

The Frustrated Fuhrer tried using the @TeamTrump account, but it was suspended mere seconds after he posted.

There cannot be too many high-profile individuals remaining in Trump's dwindling orbit who want to sacrifice their Twitter account so he can post once and have the tweet (and account) deleted in minutes. (Batshit insane lawyers Lin Wood and Sidney Powell have also been forever banned from Twitter; Wood (no relation) had two accountds banned. Showoff!

Google Play suspended Parler, a cesspool of MAGA cult members. Apple has demanded Parler moderate its content or it will be removed from Apple's App Store.


(Still active, but all tweets from January 8-20 will be deleted)



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