Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Least Surprising News: Trump Stiffs Rudy On Legal Fees

In this article (which is both wonderfully-headlined and enjoyable to read):

Trump Is Isolated And Angry At Aides For Failing To Defend Him As He Is Impeached Again

is perhaps the least surprising news ever:

Though Trump has been exceptionally furious with Vice President Pence, his relationship with lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani, one of his most steadfast defenders, is also fracturing . . .

Trump has instructed aides not to pay Giuliani's legal fees . . . and has demanded that he personally approve any reimbursements for the expenses Giuliani incurred while traveling on the president's behalf to challenge election results in key states. . . . Trump has privately expressed concern with some of Giuliani's moves and did not appreciate a demand from Giuliani for $20,000 a day in fees for his work attempting to overturn the election.

This is one time where it's okay to blame the victim because: (a) it's Giuliani (fuck that guy); and (b) Trump is notorious and legendary for not paying anyone who works for him.

It's just another case of Buyer Liar Beware.

Update: White House officials have also been blocking Giuliani's phone calls to Trump.

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