Wednesday, January 27, 2021

45 Of 50 Senate Republicans Support A President Who Commits Sedition, Tries To Illegally Overthrows A Fair Election, Incites & Encourages An Armed Rebellion Determined To Assassinate The Vice President And Other Lawmakers In Order To Set Himself Up As An Unelected Dictator (This Would Be Very Wrong If Done By A Democrat, Of Course)

Terrorism, sedition, mass death, dictatorship, sadism, and an all-out war against democracy, equal rights, and civility.

That is the platform of the Republican party. (The Republicans also support the deaths of at least 435,000 Americans in less than one year to a virus about which their Lord and Savior* deliberately did nothing for 11 months.)

Support for an armed rebellion against the country's other political party, a mob determined to handcuff lawmakers it believes are traitors and drag them outside to a scaffold for a series of public executions, is not limited to a fringe inside the party. It is the party's core belief.

45 of 50 Senate Republicans believe a president (of their party only) should be able to commit sedition, illegally overthrow a fair election, and set himself up as a dictator. A recently-elected representative from Georgia was demanding the executions of numerous Democrats only two years ago.

[*: A man that many of them believe was anointed by God to lead an apocalyptic battle against an underground cabal of pedophiles and Satan-worshipping Democrats and celebrities.]

Trump's supporters beat a police officer to death during the Capitol attack. And it turns out Trump likes cop killers.

Greene posted these comments to her Facebook page, along with far-right extremist beliefs, such as the QAnon conspiracy, which claims former President Donald Trump was placed in office by God as a messiah to battle an underground cabal of pedophiles and Satan-worshipping Democrats and celebrities.

Greene has "liked" comments stating:
"through removal or death, doesn't matter, as long as she [House Speaker Nancy Pelosi] goes"

"HANG that bitch" [referring to either former President Barack Obama or former Secretary of State John Kerry]

"civil war 2.0" should be started

FBI agents not supporting Trump "quite frankly need to be hung for TREASON!" 

"These Traitors need to be put to death as an example of what will no longer be tolerated in our country!!!"

"a bullet to the head would be quicker" to remove House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

"Now do we get to hang them ?? Meaning H & O ???" [Hillary Clinton and Obama. Greene replied: "Stage is being set. Players are being put in place. We must be patient. This must be done perfectly or liberal judges would let them off."]
Greene also believes the Parkland, Florida school shooting was faked and she referred to David Hogg, a survivor of the shooting, as "#littleHitler" and a "bought and paid little pawn" and actor.

In January 2019, Greene created a White House petition calling for the impeachment of Pelosi for "crimes of treason", because, for one example, Pelosi did not support Trump's border wall. In a posted speech, Greene said:
She's a traitor to our country, she's guilty of treason. She took an oath to protect American citizens and uphold our laws. And she gives aid and comfort to our enemies who illegally invade our land. That's what treason is. And by our law representatives and senators can be kicked out and no longer serve in our government. And it's, uh, it's a crime punishable by death is what treason is. Nancy Pelosi is guilty of treason.
In a Facebook Live broadcast on February 22, 2019, Greene said Pelosi will "suffer death or she'll be in prison" for her "treason". CNN points out that Greene never mentions a trial.

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