Thursday, January 07, 2021

Near-Total Media Blackout Of Multiple Bombs, Automatic Weapons, Ammunition Caches, And Accelerants Found In Capitol During Riot
Media Reports Long-Time Friend Questions Trump's Mental Health: "He Is So Traumatized By His Loss In The Election. He is Out Of His Mind."
Pelosi Calls For Trump's Removal After He "Incited An Armed Insurrection Against America"; Also Says He's "A Complete Tool Of Putin"

Two suspected homemade bombs were found near the RNC and DNC headquarters on Wednesday. A pickup truck parked across the street from the RNC office (and near the entrance to a Metro station) contained rifles and shotguns and a lot of ammunition.

A cooler containing a long gun and Molotov cocktails was seized at the Capitol. Four rioters were arrested for carrying pistols without licenses and one was arrested for possession of prohibited weapon.

Pelosi Calls Trump "A Complete Tool Of Putin" And Says He Should Be Removed From Office ASAP

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I would like to see a big box filled with $500 million be delivered to my doorstep by 9:00 PM tonight.

Kayleigh Is Still Not McEnany-Sense

Thoughts & Prayers
Fuck Their Feelings

Charge The Police, Too


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January 19

"The President Is Out Of His Mind"

Crooks And Liars, January 6, 2021:

CNN's Jim Acosta made a startling statement while covering the insurrection riots in DC. A source very close to Donald Trump, someone who has known him for a "very long time" is questioning his mental status. It is not surprising, but it is alarming.

I talked to a source, a GOP source close to the President who speaks with him regularly – and I take no pleasure in reporting this – but this source tells me that he believes the President is out of his mind. The quote is "he is out of his mind". And the source says the President is so traumatized by his loss in the election, it is all he can talk about, it is all he can think about, it's all consuming for him. In this source's opinion, he is out of his mind.

Now, I talked to a separate source close to the White House, an adviser to the President. When I asked this adviser about the prospect of invoking the 25th Amendment and forcing the President from power with his Cabinet coming together and saying he's no longer fit to be President of the United States, this adviser said because the President has installed so many lackeys in the Cabinet – of course, the President always has loyalists on his Cabinet but there are lackeys on his Cabinet, including acting Secretaries who have been installed recently – that it's just unlikely, the probability of that happening is just not going to happen.

And in the words of this adviser, "I just don't think the Cabinet is going to invoke the 25th Amendment", but it is interesting, Jake, and according to this adviser, aides and allies of the President have been having these kinds of conversations about whether or not the 25th Amendment's time has come when it comes to Donald Trump. But you don't want to get into that kind of conversation when talking about the President of the United States. You don't take pleasure in that as a reporter, using that kind of language. But when a source close to the President – and this is a source who has known the President a long time, talks to him a lot – says he's out of his mind, I think that is serious, Jake.

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