Friday, January 08, 2021

Dominion Voting Systems Sues Trump's Kraken Lawyer For $1.3 Billion
("The First In A Series Of [Vigorous] Legal Steps")

Wouldn't a competent lawyer understand it's unwise to knowingly publicly slander and libel a multi-million dollar corporation over and over and over again on national television?

But then Sidney Powell misspelled "district" as "distrct" in a Michigan filing and as "districct" and "distrcoict" in a Georgia filing. Her court documents were also notableforthewaywordsweregroupedtogetherwithnospacesinbetween.

Dominion's attorney, Thomas Clare of Clare Locke LLP, stated he has "never seen clearer and more convincing evidence of actual malice" in his decades of practice as a defamation lawyer.
Ms. Powell lied about the hand audits and recounts of paper ballots that conclusively disprove her claims; she lied about having a recording that does not exist; she manufactured, misrepresented, and cherry-picked evidence to support her false accusations and to conform to her false preconceived storyline; she disregarded and attacked the respected Republicans and election security experts who forcefully rebutted her false claims; and she proffered and misrepresented the obviously unreliable say-so of con artists, conspiracy theorists, armchair experts, and—by her own admission—the associate of a now-deceased Venezuelan dictator who was hostile to American democracy.
(Oh, sure, but besides that, ya got nothin'!)

I'll bet it contains fewer typos in 124 pages than the caption on the cover page from one of Powell's illiterate filings.

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