Sunday, November 29, 2020

Trump Blames "Big, Massive Dumps" For Election Loss

Well, this comment won't make #DiaperDon go away.
And what happened – if you watched the election – I was called by the biggest people, saying congratulations – political people – congratulations, sir, you just won the election. It was 10 o'clock – and you looked at the numbers and I'm sure you felt that way. This election was over. And then they did dumps. They call them dumps. Big, massive dumps – in Michigan and Pennsylvania, and all over.
Literally no one called Trump at 10 PM. Not "the biggest people", not the smallest people. Not even the middle-sized people. Everyone with a functioning brain had already known for weeks that the election would not be decided on November 3. A definitive call on November 4 or 5 was also unlikely.

We don't need this to be a "Sir" story to know it's bullshit.

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LOL (Trump Accuses Barr Of Plotting To Elect Biden!!)

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