Sunday, November 08, 2020

Trump Is Willing To Concede & Transfer Power "If Certain Conditions Are Met"


He really is insane.

The White House Coronavirus Task Force Has Not Met Since
Mid-October; Trump Hasn't Attended A Meeting Since (At Least) July

In mid-October, Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNBC that Donald Trump had not attended a coronavirus task force meeting in "several months".

Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health and a member of task force, told NPR Trump receives most of his information from Vice President Mike Pence and Dr. Scott Atlas, who has no experience with infectious diseases and who tweeted "Masks work? NO." on October 18. (Twitter deleted the tweet because it violated its policy on misinformation.) Trump has also publicly ridiculed Fauci, calling him "a disaster" and an "idiot".

Just over two weeks ago, the US's single-day high of new SARS-CoV-2 cases was 78,000 (set back in July). New case totals for 12 of the next 16 days exceeded that former record. 

In the past week, the average new cases per day (100,000+) has increased 57% from two weeks ago. Cases are increasing in all 50 states.

Months ago, Trump decided to start calling himself a "war-time president" who was fighting "the invisible enemy". . . . Well, General Trump got bored with the "war" soon after that. He surrendered and wandered off the battle field, abandoning his troops.
October 23:  81,424 (new single-day high, first day over 80K)
October 24:  80,249
October 25:  63,514
October 26:  69,848
October 27:  76,206
October 28:  81,757 (new single-day high)
October 29:  91,869 (new single-day high, first day over 90K)
October 30: 101,426 (new single-day high, first day over 100K)
October 31:  87,006
November 1:  76,690
November 2:  89,206
November 3:  94,669
November 4: 108,554 (new single-day high)
November 5: 123,718 (new single-day high, first day over 110K and 120K)
November 6: 132,541 (new single-day high, first day over 130K)
November 7: 124,390 (5th consecutive day with 1,000+ deaths)

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