Friday, November 13, 2020

"The Silence Is The Concession Speech. Take It For The Gift That It Is."

Lawrence O'Donnell, The Last Word (MSNBC):

Five days.

Five full days and nights of silence from Donald Trump. The man who wants to hear his own voice more than anyone alive has not allowed you to hear his voice for five days and nights for the first time in the history of his political career.

Silence. The silence is the concession speech. The concession was never going to be words. Not from Donald Trump. The silence is the concession speech.

Take it for the gift that it is. Five full days and nights of your life without the sound of that voice. . . .

[D]on't be scared by Donald Trump's silence. It is the silence of a terrified man who is desperately trying to raise money online, on the lie that he has not yet lost the presidential election.

It is the silence of a man constantly sending out the neediest emails in political history, with pathetic subject lines like "I need you right now", all to trick gullible people out of their money.

It is the silence of a man who is terrified of what his life will become on January 20. He will spend next year as a defendant in important civil lawsuits against him and possibly as a criminal defendant in New York State.


Treebeard said...

The question that interests me is what the Trump-deranged (supporters and haters alike) will do with their minds if they no longer have President Trump to obsess about? Will their lives have any purpose? Will they finally do some self-reflection and realize that they have been mentally parasitized for four years, like zombies controlled by bad juju? Yes, this question is for you...

Paul Hickman said...

At the MAGA "Insect Intelligence" March in Washington someone should be really Creative & set up a Stand !

Remember kids with Lemonade years ago

Well how about a Disinfectant Stand with Free Dump Koolaid !

It's So Damn Good we will pay you to drink it .........

The combined IQ of this lot wouldn't threaten a Monkey that'd fallen out of a Tree ...... every day for 5 years !

Treebeard said...

Sounds like you are still badly parasitized. Where will you project your hatred after 1/20/21?

allan said...

Where will you project your hatred after 1/20/21?

Where it's always been directed (in addition to Trump); you'd know this if you were paying attention:

Mainstream Media
New York Yankees