Wednesday, November 04, 2020

MAGA Morons: "Stop The Count!" [Okay, So Biden Wins Michigan] "Resume The Count!"


Excellent Thread

How Is There ALWAYS A Tweet?

"Remember, He's Always 5 Steps Ahead." /
"Just Freaking Arrest Somebody Already!!!"

Oh, Remember The Plague? 103,000+ New Cases Today

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johngoldfine said...

Nice to hear Paula White speaking in tongues--Waldo County where I live in Maine has had a recent Pentecostal revival that turned out, surprise, to be a superspreader event since no one reviving bothered with silly secularities like masks or social distancing or fucking common sense.

I say it's nice to hear the glossolalia not because I was ever anything other than contemptuous and disgusted by this particular especially-bizarro flavor of Christianity, but because it's nice to have my confirmation bias underlined and, uh, confirmed.