Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Meanwhile, Over At Fox News . . .

Media Matters watches Fox News, so you don't have to. 

Here's the latest:

Fox News discussion: Counting all votes is not as good as it sounds

Fox Business anchor suggests Trump administration use "policing" to interrupt vote count in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania radio host RJ Harris allows Trump to claim Democrats will use mail-in votes to steal the state

Right-wing media accuse Pennsylvania's attorney general of rigging the election — because he called for all votes to be counted

Right-wing media falsely claim ballots are "magically appearing" for Democrats overnight

Fox anchor hypes "tons of ballots" found under a rock in Arizona. There were only 18 ballots, and all were delivered.

Right-wing influencers are using the #StopTheSteal hashtag to buoy Trump's attempts to undercut democracy

Fox News' plan to hand Trump the election: Invalidate hundreds of thousands of mail-in votes

Fox & Friends lets David Bossie push nonsense voter fraud claims to defend premature claim of Trump election victory

Fox Nation host likens Trump falling behind in the vote count to a "soft coup" and urges Trump to take immediate action

Alex Jones tells his supporters to "stake out" places where votes are being counted and "follow folks around"

While discussing election results, Alex Jones suggests arresting Joe Biden

Steve Bannon calls for Bill Barr to "arrest Jack Dorsey today"

Rush Limbaugh pushes easily debunked viral lie about the amount of voters in Wisconsin

Fox is playing a key role in Trump's plan to steal the election

18 times Trump has cast doubt on the election in response to Fox

Fox's Newt Gingrich undermines ballot counting and demands federal investigations of states Joe Biden won

Rudy Giuliani: Trump should declare victory "as early as possible"

Roger Stone: If Trump wins, Rod Rosenstein and other "coup" plotters "must be hung by the neck until dead"

Fox contributor suggests that Trump's campaign exemplifies Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision of race in America


Paul Hickman said...

Completely Unhinged would be 1 description of All That

Those with sense will enjoy watching these Frauds make Fools of themselves ..... repeatedly !

laura k said...

Fox contributor suggests that Trump's campaign exemplifies Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision of race in America


allan said...

Yeah, that's a winner. I clicked:

I clicked:

"RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): I really appreciate that Donald Trump doesn't pander to Hispanics and minorities in general. His message of optimism is the same one he gives to Wisconsin rural white voters, that he gives to Black voters, that he gives to Hispanic voters, and I think there are plenty of minorities out there who are craving a return to Martin Luther King's message about judging each other as Americans on the content of our character, rather than the color of our skin. And so I think that he has a positive message, he's going to win tomorrow, and it will be because of minority voters."

"His message of optimism" - LOL!

His entire campaign has been nothing but how the suburbs will be destroyed, cities will burn and have non-stop riots, mobs of leftists will kill you in your sleep, and there will be an unprecedented depression if he's not elected.