Saturday, November 21, 2020

Geraldo Rivera Suggests Naming COVID Vaccine After Trump (Seriously), Because Honoring Him Would Soften The Blow Of Losing The Election

Here's a challenge: Find a news story more warped than this. Good luck!

Clearly, nothing softened the blows that rained down on Rivera's skull, fucking up his brain to the point where he actually spoke those deranged sentences on television.

Naming a vaccine after the person who deliberately lied about the virus for nearly an entire year, pretending it either didn't exist, wasn't very serious, or was a plot to make him look bad, who shrugged his shoulders as more than a quarter-million* Americans died and 12 million were infected, who whined incessantly about how everyone was picking on him, and remained emotionally and intellectually unable to muster even one statement of condolence or empathy in ten long months seems a bit misguided.

*: The number of cases and deaths continue to skyrocket. At the current rate of infection, there will be 20+ million cases and 400,000+ deaths by the time Trump leaves office.

A better suggestion: Renaming lobotomies or perhaps using his name as a verb, meaning to deny obvious reality while looking like an idiot. ("He pissed his pants, you could see the huge wet stain on his crotch, but he kept trumping that his pants were dry.")

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