Wednesday, November 04, 2020

"This Is Who America Is"

So far, 64.4 million people — 1 out of every 2 voters in the US — have said they want more lies, more corruption, more racism, more cruelty, more sickness, more death, less healthcare, less income, less responsibility, less civility, and no empathy, no thought of anyone in the world but himself.

And those 64.4 million people who have embraced Donald Trump, every single one of them owns every racist slur, every sexist insult, every falsehood, every virus death, every decision that further destroys the environment, every inhumane and offensive policy, every million dollars of taxpayer money that goes directly into his wallet. You are bound to it all, you cannot evade or excuse any of it.

You know what he is. You chose him. That is who you are.


Paul Hickman said...

Sad Day for America

Sad Day for The World


I am getting increasingly confident that the Rustbelt Trend (should it continue) means Biden is going to WIN this Election ......

Dump as we know will try & steal it

Every vote matters
Every State matters

The more Joe wins ( legitimately ! ) the harder it will be for Dump to steal it

Now this becomes about Democracy & Thievery

As I said, Dump is a Fascist Dictator & those words Tonight will live in infamy

I am reminded of the CLASSIC John Cougar Mellencamp Song from 1985

Justice & Independence

Let's hope the Nation isn't crying ?

johngoldfine said...

This is who we are, yes. A good brief digest of what has happened and likely will happen, and whatever happens, we certainly have not rejected Trumpism.

johngoldfine said...

Dept of What Fresh Hell is This:

We're an open-carry state, which for the uninitiated means you can walk around in public with a pistol on your hip or or an assault rifle over your shoulder. But until a month ago, I'd never seen anyone carrying. Then I was dubbing around in the woods on my back property line with my dogs, a mile from any road, when my neighbor showed up, cruising his timber. We don't see each other often, every other year or so, never had any hassles--his property is posted but he's fine with me running my dogs on it.

So, there he was. He had a Glock on a separately belted holster to...shoot an antifa bear? Guns don't scare me! Gunowners do. WTF was he doing out in the williwags all braced?

Swanville is a Trump town in a Trump congressional district, and we all approve heartily of our goddamn Second Amendment rights! Apparently, without them, we are less than nothing.