Friday, November 06, 2020

Trump Is Realizing He Simply Can't File A Nuisance Suit Against The Election To Make It Go Away, No Competent Lawyer Will Represent Him, And He's Being Abandoned By Everyone Except His Idiotic Children & The MAGA-Idiots He Despises

Donald Trump has admitted he does not to understand that as votes are counted, vote totals increase.

One of his tweets on Friday requested "an explanation as to how these numbers have been running up for the last two or three days".

How It Works:
Biden has 10 votes. 
As the counting continues, there are 5 additional votes for Biden.
Biden has 15 votes.
There is strong evidence that Donald Trump does not understand this. (Millions of his supporters also remain iffy on this concept.) But anyone who denies science is most likely not very good at math.


laura k said...

Love that tabloid headline!

Paul Hickman said...

Self Cooking Dump is finally Dumped ......