Thursday, November 19, 2020

Giuliani, Sweating Profusely, With Black Hair Dye Running Down His Face, Admitted Trump Is Trying To Subvert The Election Results (After Losing Every Court Case); The Press Conference Was An Insane Dumpster Fire. How Insane? A Trump Advisor Called Her Team "An Elite Strike Force" And Told A Reporter His Ignorant Question ("Where's The Evidence?") Was "Fundamentally Flawed"; Also: Trump Won "In A Landslide" And Hugo Chavez (!) (Who Died In 2013) Oversaw The Creation Of The 2020 Election-Stealing Software.

Rudy Giuliani may have out-batshited Donald Trump in the Delusional Insanity Olympics on Thursday. But there was no mistaking the seriousness of the event. The Trump administration is attempting to overthrow the results of November's election, a fact that Giuliani, sweating profusely, with dark hair dye running down his face in streaks, admitted twice.
The Republican Party, which now should be known as either the Anti-Democracy Party or the Sedition Party, has revealed its final attempt to override the decision of millions of voters and install Donald Trump in the White House for an unwarranted second term by strong-arming the electors of certain states (decisively won by Joe Biden) to instead cast their electoral votes for Trump. To that end, even Trump himself has been calling and putting pressure on electors.

But first, the New York Times reported on Tuesday that Giuliani had requested a fee of $20,000 per day from the Trump campaign for his, umm, unique legal services. (Giuliani denied making such a request. (So it was only $18,000 per day?))

The Times' subheadline: "Last week, the president put the former New York mayor in charge of the court challenges to his loss in the election. Since then they have suffered nothing but setbacks." Which makes both Trump and Giuliani sound like bumbling idiots. That is true, of course, but any lawyer bringing these incoherent and nonsensical lawsuits would have been laughed out of court.
Rudolph W. Giuliani, who has helped oversee a string of failed court challenges to President Trump's defeat in the election, asked the president's campaign to pay him $20,000 a day for his legal work, multiple people briefed on the matter said.

The request stirred opposition from some of Mr. Trump's aides and advisers, who appear to have ruled out paying that much, and it is unclear how much Mr. Giuliani will ultimately be compensated.

Since Mr. Giuliani took over management of the legal effort, Mr. Trump has suffered a series of defeats in court and lawyers handling some of the remaining cases have dropped out. . . .

Some Trump allies fear that Mr. Giuliani is encouraging the president to continue a spurious legal fight because he sees financial advantage for himself in it. . . .

Mr. Trump’s insistence that widespread voter fraud cost him the election has no basis in fact . . .

Mr. Giuliani has encouraged Mr. Trump to believe a number of conspiracy theories about voting machine irregularities, according to multiple people close to the president . . . Late last week, Mr. Giuliani repeatedly insisted to the president that his other advisers have not been telling him the truth about his chances of success in his legal battles to overturn the results of the election.

Last Friday, as Mr. Trump's legal fight in Arizona appeared to peter out when the campaign dropped a lawsuit in Maricopa County, Ariz., that was destined to fail, the president put Mr. Giuliani in charge of all election-related litigation and communications for it.

On Monday, the day before a key hearing on a lawsuit in federal court in Pennsylvania, Mr. Giuliani forced out a lawyer who had been leading the case, two people briefed on the events said. That left Mr. Trump's team scrambling for a replacement. The local lawyer now handling the case has referred to Mr. Biden as the winner of the election and has said the lawsuits will not change that outcome. . . .

On Tuesday, Mr. Giuliani made the opening argument in the Pennsylvania hearing, largely sidestepping whether there was evidence that voting or vote counting in the state had been compromised. Instead, he repeated baseless claims of "widespread nationwide voter fraud."

Mr. Giuliani, who has been claiming for two weeks that the election was compromised by massive fraud, acknowledged in court that the federal suit in Pennsylvania . . . did not involve fraud. "This is not a fraud case," he said. . . .
Giuliani made a lot of nutty and false comments at Thursday's press conference (which one observer said was so off-the-rails it made his speech at Four Seasons Total Landscaping sound like the Gettysburg Address):
There was "plan" to "execute these various acts of voter fraud", coordinated "from a centralized place" by "globalist dictators" who "injected votes". (And the numerous state judges, who have ruled against Trump in 31 of 32 lawsuits, are in on it.)

The cases that have been thrown out of court have not been thrown out of court.

The election was rigged in advance; that's why Biden didn't have to go out and campaign (If the ballots were tampered with that far in advance (before they were mailed out), how did they know only Biden voters would receive them?)

An affidavit by an IT worker for Dominion was evidence of fraud, even though it had been dismissed six days ago by a Pennsylvania judge because the "allegations are simply not credible".

If you toss out all the votes from areas in Michigan that strongly voted for Biden, Trump wins. (And if I'm the only runner in the 100 meters at the Olympics, I'll win a gold medal.)

Trump wants to "overturn the election" by stealing these seven states: New Mexico, Virginia, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona.

Giuliani told a judge two days ago: "This is not a fraud case." At the press conference (where laws against perjury do not exist), he claims there has been "massive fraud".

Not one shred of evidence was presented to show any type of wrongdoing.

He said the media are the ones that should be doing the work of finding vote fraud, but they aren't doing it, because of their "irrational, pathological hatred" of Trump. (There are many reasons for this, including that they are not being paid $20,000 per day.)

Why Did Hugo Chavez's Ghost Wait Until 2020 To Use His
Super-Duper Election-Stealing Computer Code? Why Not In 2016?


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