Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Tucker Carlson Says White Supremacist Terrorist (And Trump Supporter) Who Murdered Two People With An AR-15 Was Simply "Maintaining Order"

The most popular cable news network in the United States is openly defending (and, indeed, celebrating) the murder of two innocent people by a 17-year-old white supremacist.

This network referred to the murderer tonight as a "law-abiding citizen" who was simply "maintaining order", doing his duty as an honorable American.

On Monday, two of the speakers at the Republican National Convention had, only two months ago, pointed weapons (including an assault rifle) at people protesting the murder of numerous black men by the police, threatening to kill them.

The racist teenager, after illegally obtaining a firearm and driving to another state, killed two people last night. It is no surprise that he is a big supporter of Donald Trump, as his depraved actions are portrayed as patriotic at one of only two networks the President of the United States doesn't call "fake".

That network announced on Wednesday night that it's open season on anyone who disagrees with Donald Trump.

Carlson's Guest Describes Murderer With An Illegally-Obtained Assault Rifle A "Law-Abiding Citizen"



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