Thursday, August 20, 2020

After A Night Of Rage-Tweeting, Trump Goes Off The Rails, Pinballing From Bragging About War Crimes To Seals And Sharks To Raking The Forests To Dead People Answering Poll Questions To Loving Kim Jong Un To Faucets To Larry Holmes To "Leading In So Many Polls" (That He Refuses To Release), After His Buddy Steve Bannon Is Arrested And Charged With Fraud And Money Laundering For Bilking Hundreds Of Thousands Of Contributors To The Border Wall (In 2019, Trump Said: "The Project Has My Blessing And You Can Tell the Media That.")

Different Day, Same Shit

We Are Going To Rake All The Forests And California Is Going To Pay For It

Steve Bannon Arrested On A Boat By The Post Office (!), Charged With Defrauding Financial Contributors To Border Wall (Trump Said The Project Had "My Blessing")

Says The Man Who Believes Windmills Cause Cancer, Raking A Forest Can Stop Wildfires, The Moon Is Part Of Mars, There's No Global Warming Because It Gets Cold In The Winter, And Injecting Bleach Directly Into Your Lungs Will Help You Maintain Good Health, And Passing A Test For Dementia By Identifying An Elephant Is Something To Brag About (Several Times) To The Entire World

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Putin, Poison, And The Puppet

Last Night: Triggered!

Dummies For Dummies

This Is Why Trump Will Do ANYTHING To Stay In Office, Because Even He Knows That, Without The Protection Of The Presidency, He Is Facing A Lot Of Legal Trouble

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