Thursday, August 20, 2020

Trump Toady & Full-Time Nazi Stephen Miller: "If We Don't Enforce This [Separating Young Children And Infants From Their Parents], It Is the End of Our Country As We Know It"

Left to his own devices, Donald Trump could barely cross a street by himself. Or make change for someone paying for a $2.50 item with a $5 bill.

There are two reasons Trump has succeeded in life: (1) he was given a truck load of money at a young age and (2) he has people who (for varying reasons) will do what he says.

Trump can now indulge his tinpot dictator fantasies thanks to Nazis like Stephen Miller, a compliant media that either shill for him or are afraid to call out his constant lies to his face, and a decrepit educational system that has spit out scores of morons for decades.

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