Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Trump Agrees With QAnon: He's Saving The World From A Cult Of Pedophiles And Cannibals


Perhaps A Reporter Could Find The Time To Bring That Up.
"Sir, How Would You Describe Something That Is 6,667 Times Worse Than A 'Bad Outbreak'?"

But He Also Wishes Them Well

Trump Is (Again) No Longer Against "Cancel Culture"


From The Man Who Believes Injecting Bleach Into Your Lungs Prevents the Flu, 
Thinks Nuking Hurricanes Can Improve The Weather,
Windmills Cause Cancer,
The 1917 [sic] Influenza Epidemic Ended World War 2,
The Existence Of Snow Disproves Climate Change,
Who Tried To Register To Vote In Florida Using An Out-Of-State Address (And Got His Date Of Birth Wrong),
Was Called A "Fucking Moron" By His Secretary Of State,
An "Idiot" By Two Chiefs Of Staff, Three Advisers, And The Secretary Of Treasury,
"Dumb As Shit" By An Economic Advisor,
"Untethered To Truth" By The Director Of The FBI,
"A Supreme Sexist" Who "Thinks He's God" By A Former Executive Vice-President Of The Trump Organization,
"Less A Person Than A Collection Of Terrible Traits" According To His Chief Economic Adviser,
"Like Trying To Figure Out What A Child Wants" According To His Deputy Chief Of Staff, 

Someone With The Intelligence Of A "Kindergartner" According To His National Security Adviser, "Not Only Crazy [But] Stupid" By A Friend (!) And Supporter, And
"Unable To Separate Truth From Falsehood" According To Dozens Of Republican Foreign Policy Experts

Trump Supports The Destruction Of Certain Federal Property

Some Very Fine People ... On Our Side

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