Monday, August 10, 2020

Donald Trump, Historian: "You Look Back Over The Centuries, The World Has Been A Dangerous Place, Very Dangerous Place, And It Will Continue, I Guess, For A Period Of Time"

October 23, 2014: Donald Trump calls for President Obama to resign even though no one has died after contracting Ebola in the US. Only 11 people were treated for Ebola in the US and nine of those people (including the two deaths) were infected outside the country. The only cases in the US were two nurses treating one of those nine patients at a Texas hospital; both nurses recovered.
August 10, 2020: Donald Trump says he would not have called for Obama's resignation if 166,000 Americans had died from SARS-CoV-2 on Obama's watch (and there had been 5,250,000+ cases).
So, to quickly review:
      0 deaths = APOLOGIZE & RESIGN!!!
166,000 deaths = Absolutely no need to resign.
And yet afuckinggain, it's left to a random person on Twitter to explain to an experienced reporter covering the White House how to properly frame a question so the person answering cannot escape with a simple Yes or No, effectively neutering the reporter's question:
Nearly all of the questions Trump is asked every single day by reporters are worded so that he can easily deflect and then give a little speech about whatever he wants. You might think these reporters would get wise after a day or two (or maybe a week or two weeks or a month or four months or ten months or a year or three years or five years or six years or eight years or 10 years or 15 years or 20 years or 25 years (and several presidents) and change their tactics, but you would be dead wrong. It's almost as if their actual job is simply to go through the motions, making it seem like they are asking real (and maybe even tough) questions, but never get a substantial answer to anything. (Just like they willingly act as GOP props every day, without any real complaint.)

Also: Trump also called for Obama's resignation in 2016, after the deadliest mass shooting in US history. At the same time, Trump demanded a US ban on Syrians, even though the shooter was born in New York (just like Trump!) and his parents were from Afghanistan.

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