Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Trump Refuses To Deny Slowing Mail Delivery As A Way To Cheat In Upcoming Election; Insists Schools Should Open Because "This Thing's Going Away ... Like Things Go Away ... We're Set To Rock & Roll"

Sure, Believe The Man Who Promised Six Months Ago That The 15 Cases Would Be Down To Zero "Within A Few Days", Who Said Numerous Times in February That The Virus Under Total Control And The Virus Would Magically Disappear One Day Like A Miracle And The April Heat Would Make It Go Away And The Virus Would Wash Over The Country And Said The Virus Was A Genius Because Antibiotics Can't Affect It And The Economy Would Be Open By Easter And The Crisis Would Be Behind Us By Memorial Day And Everything Would Be Back To Normal In July And A Worthless Drug In Which He Owns A Financial Stake Would Be A Game-Changer And There Will Be A Vaccine Extremely Soon And He Would Not Have Done Even One Thing Different During This Pandemic And You Should Inject Bleach Into Your Lungs, And Who Said "I'm A Smart Guy… I've Been Right A Lot… What Do You Have To Lose?" -- Sure, Trust That Man With The Life Of Your Child

"We've Done An Incredible Job" (Trump) vs.
US Cases/Deaths Are The Worst In The World. "Yeah. The Numbers Don't Lie" (Fauci)

Trump Has Been Asked Four Times What He Plans To Do In A Second Term. In All Four Interviews, He Has Been Unable To Give An Answer

Trump Lied About 20 Distinct Points (At Least) In The Fox Interview

82% Is A Very Precise Number

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