Sunday, August 30, 2020

Trump Retweets QAnon Claim Of Only 9,000 COVID Deaths (Part Of His Diarrheatic, Middle-Of-The-Night Spew Of 89 Tweets In 2 Hours); GOP Officials Endorse Vigilantism ("Citizen Soldiers") On CNN, Claiming Increased Violence Will Boost Trump's Poll Numbers

Looking at the Trump Tweet Archive, I counted 18 tweets and 70 retweets between 12:00 am and 2:04 am. 88 tweets in 124 minutes. (The slight difference is because Twitter deleted Trump's retweet of a bullshit QAnon claim that the US has had only 9,000 deaths from COVID-19. This is the deleted tweet, found at FactBase's archive of now-deleted Trump tweets.)

(By the way, this machine-gun retweeting is a clear violation of Twitter's spamming policy. Trump has been guilty of this countless times. A civilian's account would have been banned for this practice many years ago.)
12:00 am - 12:59 am: 13 tweets / 36 retweets
 1:00 am -  1:59 am:  4 tweets / 34 retweets
 2:00 am -  2:04 am:  1 tweet
There were 20 retweets from @PollWatch2020 in 18 minutes: 8 between 1:29-1:33 and 12 from 1:41-1:47.

A more detailed breakdown of Trump's breakdown:
12:00: "The big backlash going on in Portland cannot be unexpected after 95 days of watching and incompetent Mayor admit that he has no idea what he is doing. The people of Portland won't put up with no safety any longer.The Mayor is a FOOL. Bring in the National Guard!"

[7 retweets, including 6 in 2 minutes]

12:12: "Our great National Guard could solve these problems in less than 1 hour."

12:18: "Wheeler is incompetent, much like Sleepy Joe Biden. This is not what our great Country wants."


12:28: "ANTIFA is a Radical Left group that only wants bad things for our Country."

[1 retweet]

12:31: "Democrat "Leadership" has no clue. Request help now....Problem Over!!! "

[3 rewteets]

12:36: "Disgraceful Anarchists. We are watching them closely, but stupidly protected by the Radical Left Dems!"

12:36: "RT @RealJamesWoods: Basement flooded?"


12:38: "RT @RealJamesWoods: #KillerCuomo should be in jail."

12:39: "Play Football Big Ten!"

[This 5-tweet run is a great example of his ping-ponging mind. Then 4 tweets and 14 retweets]

12:59: "The National Guard is Ready, Willing and Able. All the Governor has to do is call!"

[1 tweet, 1 retweet]

1:12: "Their minds are gone!!!"


1:39: "Michael knows!!!"

[14 retweets, including 4 in 30 seconds]

1:48: "Moving along nicely. MAGA!"

[1 tweet]

2:04: "LAW & ORDER!!!"

[Nothing for eight hours]

10:36 (3 tweets): "Ted Wheeler, the wacky Radical Left Do Nothing Democrat Mayor of Portland, who has watched great death and destruction of his City during his tenure, thinks this lawless situation should go on forever. Wrong! Portland will never recover with a fool for a Mayor....
....He tried mixing with the Agitators and Anarchists and they mocked him. He would like to blame me and the Federal Government for going in, but he hasn't seen anything yet. We have only been there with a small group to defend our U.S. Courthouse, because he couldn't do it....
..The people of Portland, like all other cities & parts of our great Country, want Law & Order. The Radical Left Democrat Mayors, like the dummy running Portland, or the guy right now in his basement unwilling to lead or even speak out against crime, will never be able to do it!"

10:38: "The only way you will stop the violence in the high crime Democrat run cities is through strength!"
Pretty much what any sane and well-balanced individual will get up to in the early AM hours.

"The Central Element Of The Trump Republican Party Is The Right Of Private Deadly Force To Defend The Racial Order" (David Frum)

Big Surprises.

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