Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Wallace Cedes Control Over Debate To Trump, Who Treats The Event Like A Rally Monologue, Constantly Interrupting Biden; When Asked Directly, Trump Refuses To Say Anything Negative About Any White Supremacist Group (Or White Supremacy, In General)

Chris Wallace sat in the moderator's chair during Tuesday night's debate, but he was utterly ineffective, allowing Donald Trump to keep up a running monologue for most of the night.

It is impossible to believe the Commission on Presidential Debates, remembering how Trump behaved during the 2016 debates and knowing his desperation must be at an all-time high, did not discuss what should be done if Trump decided to treat this debate as one of his rallies and turn on the spigot of his unhinged, stream-of-consciousness babble. Each man's microphone should have been turned off when it was not his turn to speak. At a minimum. (Will anything be done before the second debate?) But instead, it was a complete free-for-all, a train wreck, with Trump at the controls.

Here's a fun exercise: Try imagining the press' reaction -- or just the reaction at Fox News [sic] - if Hillary Clinton had refused to stop talking for an entire debate, bulldozing her way over the moderator as if no other person was speaking.

From the debate's first minute, Wallace did nothing as Trump prevented Biden from speaking. Wallace allowed Trump's interruptions to sidetrack the main questions. Trump refused to slow down his yammering even as Wallace interjected impotently, "Mr. President, Mr. President". That worked about as well as trying to reason with a four-year-old in the middle of a full tantrum-meltdown.

Did Trump's pathetic and transparent attempts to "work the ref", claiming several days ago that Wallace would be biased in favour of Biden, actually work? It's not out of the question. A moderator must establish herself as the voice of authority, and be given the proper tools to keep the debaters in check. Wallace never assumed control of the debate. His performance was a spectacular failure.
tl;dr The First Trump-Biden Debate, Moderated by Trump No, He Doesn't "Will You Shut Up, Man?" Trump Refuses To Say Anything Negative About Violent White Supremacist Groups Or About White Supremacy In General The Return Of The Exploding Trees Dana Bash, Chief Political Correspondent, CNN

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