Saturday, September 19, 2020

Trump Calls For "Protests Against Stupidity", Whines That Public Health Policies Are Conspiracies Against Him, Brags About Not Using Teleprompters (While Standing In Front Of Two Teleprompters), States Biden Has PEDs Injected Into His Ass Before Speaking Publicly, Admits To Committing War Crimes in Syria, Says Elevators Are Operated By Magnets, And Wraps Up By Being Unable To Pronounce His Own Last Name And Referring To The Planet "Nars"

Trumpland Beliefs:
Joe Biden Is A Senile, Ineffectual Puppet Controlled By Shadowy Sources. . . . He Can Also Destroy God.

From The Man Who Insists On Making Mental Sharpness A Campaign Issue

That will never happen. If Biden is President, Trump will be rage-tweeting 26 hours a day.

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