Saturday, September 05, 2020

2016 Flashback: Two Trump Videos Meant To Show His Support For US Veterans Featured Footage Of Russian And Germany WWII Soldiers

Chris Moody, CNN, January 22, 2016
In a single morning, Donald Trump promoted a photo that originated from a neo-Nazi Twitter account and posted a campaign video that mistook Soviets for U.S. military veterans

Trump's campaign on Friday shared a Facebook video vowing to reform the Veterans Administration that included stock footage of Russian -- not American -- former servicemen with medals that bore the communist sickle and hammer symbol. ... 

"In the Veterans Administration, the incompetence is beyond. We will stop that," Trump says in the video before showing images of Soviet veterans that was taken in Russia in May last year, according to the stock video site that hosts the footage. "We are going to take care of our veterans." ... 

It's not the first time the Republican presidential front-runner has mistaken foreign soldiers with American servicemen.

In July, Trump's campaign produced a promotional image showing soldiers wearing German World War II uniforms instead of American ones. 
A little over two months ago, Facebook removed a Trump campaign ad because it contained Nazi symbolism. That was the third time in only three weeks the Trump was caught using Nazi symbols in his campaign ads. Trump has also identified people in his videos of being wounded veterans even though they are not veterans at all (see below).

He Meant "I'm A Serial Liar Who Will Say Anything In The Hopes Of Fooling People Into Thinking I'm Doing Something Good Rather Than Wanting Them To Die"

"'Cancel Culture' Is The Most Horrible Thing Ever . . . And This Fox Reporter Should Be Fired For Writing Something Bad (But True) About Me"

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Trump And Putin Both Working On And Promoting Disinformation Campaigns
About Mail-In Voting (According To US Dept. Of Homeland Security)

All Trump had to say about the poisoning of Alexei Navalny was: "I don't know all of the facts, but obviously, poisoning and murdering your political rivals is not a good thing."

Yet Trump's loyality to Vladimir Putin and Russia is so strong that HE COULD NOT DO IT.

Trump Promised He'd Have A Healthcare Plan By July 2015. . . . Just Give Him Another "Two Weeks".

He Gets All The Best Endorsements

Oops! (When You Re-Use An Old, Debunked Lie To Cover Up Your Latest Lie)

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