Monday, September 21, 2020

Trump Was Asked Who Might Have Poisoned Russian Alexey Navalny:
"Uhhh, We'll Talk About That At Another Time. . . . I Like Putin. He Likes Me."

In less than seven months, at least 205,000 Americans have died from a virus that Donald Trump first learned about in November 2019. Ten months have passed and Trump has absolutely nothing of consequence to fight back. He's been the best host a virus could ask for.

(When "The Invisible Enemy" knocked on the door, Trump invited it in, gave it a tour of the house, and cooked it a full dinner. Over a couple bottles of bleach wine, Trump tells the virus it's "brilliant", "tough and smart", and a "genius". Trump is now suggesting after-dinner liqueurs and hoping to show off his record collection.)

Today, Trump said the virus "affects virtually nobody".

In August 2019, Trump's Department of Health & Human Services finished up an eight-month drill which had involved numerous agencies and groups (the Pentagon, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the National Security Council, the American Red Cross, the American Nurses Association, the mayo Clinic, and major hospitals and health insurance companies) and 12 states across the country.

"Crimson Contagion" was meant to gauge the readiness and effectiveness of the US government if a highly-contagious and deadly virus from China were to spread through the United States

The draft report on Crimson Contagion was finalized in October 2019. The very next month, the Trump administration received its first warnings that a virus that matched the drill's scenario exactly was likely happening. And still Trump and his minions did nothing for four months before reluctantly announcing a national emergency. (The story on this drill was made public six days later, on March 19, 2020.) 

Since then, Trump's every decision has made the problem worse, causing tens of thousands of additional Americans to become sick and die. And we know now that nearly all of Trump's deadly decisions were intentional, made with the full knowledge that they would result in mass death.

In early August 2020, Trump insisted that he had made no mistakes (not even one) during the pandemic and would do nothing different if given the chance.

Reported cases: 4,450.
Deaths: 85 (included a record-setting 18 deaths on this day).

Reported cases: 7,042,963.
Deaths: 204,506 (at a minimum; total steadily increasing).
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