Friday, September 18, 2020

Trump Describes His Response To COVID-19 As "Phenomenal", "Incredible", "Amazing";
He's Not Lying, Since His Excitement & Pleasure Increases With The Death Toll


A former aide to Vice President Pence who served on the White House coronavirus task force alleges President Trump spent nearly an hour during one meeting talking about Tucker Carlson instead of discussing agenda items set for the meeting.

"He watches people, he watches the news," said Olivia Troye, a former adviser to Pence for Homeland Security. "We have been in meetings where we were supposed to be talking about the virus . . . and he wanted to talk for 45 minutes on how upset he was with some news anchor at his preferred news network." . . .

[D]uring the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic as the task force debated how to safely get Americans off cruise ships as the virus spread, Trump looked around a room full of advisers and asked: "Who's gonna call this person and set them straight?"

Troye described an awkward and uncomfortable feeling in the room at that moment, with other advisers and aides avoiding eye contact with one another and not saying anything. "45 minutes of going off on Tucker Carlson . . . seriously, this went on for 45 minutes," she added.

Pence called Troye a "disgruntled" former employee before adding: "I haven't read her comments in any detail."

At Least They Weren't Russian Planes

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