Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Chris Hayes: Fox's Laura Ingraham Was Forced To Guide Trump Through An Interview Of Nothing But Softball Questions: She "Was Basically A Little League Coach Standing Two Feet In Front Of Her Child, Telling Him, 'Okay, Get Ready To Swing Now!'"

Chris Hayes, All In With Chris Hayes, MSNBC, September 1, 2020:
So it turns out that conducting a cringely obsequious interview with President Trump is actually harder than it looks. And that is because even if you just want to offer him a series of easy questions so he can put himself in the best light, Trump cannot help but say outrageous and offensive things.

Last night, in an hour-long interview, Trump TV's Laura Ingraham was basically a Little League coach standing two feet in front of her child, telling him, "Okay, get ready to swing now!" And she had to keep helping the president with great effort and she still could not stop him from saying a string of totally offensive and untrue things. Here she is repeatedly trying to get Trump to hit his own talking points about law enforcement and protesters.
Ingraham was also blatantly feeding Trump the exact statements he should be saying to her. When that happened, Trump agreed with her, but quickly and unerringly reverted back to his unique brand of deranged loony tunes.

And this interview was taped. This is the best they could get out of him. ... Can't wait for Part 2.

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